Fire Doors Manufacturer

Fire Doors Manufacturer

Fire doors manufacturer

Envirotech Fire Doors manufacturer in Pan India. The Fire Doors are offered in a range of sizes and in fire-rated material to suit the need of every individual and application. The Fire Doors are made of high-quality steel with a fire rating of 2 hours. Envirotech fire doors are fire doors made of steel, stainless steel, and copper. They are also approved and tested by laboratories.

Fire doors are a type of door that are designed to be used in cases of fire, or in areas where there is a significant risk of fire. These doors are also referred to as “emergency doors” and are usually found in public places like hospitals and schools. The doors are designed to keep the fire from spreading. The doors are typically made out of steel and have a safety key lock. Fire doors have either a vertical or horizontal track to allow them to swing shut. They can also be fitted with an automatic closing device.

They are made of materials that absorb heat and reduce the transfer of heat without burning. Ensure a safer environment with fire doors. A fire door is a metal or wood door designed to block fire from entering the building and to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. The design and construction of fire doors help to protect the occupants and surroundings from potential fire, smoke, and heat.

Our Fire Doors are designed to stop the spread of smoke and fire, which means that you can feel safe and worry-free in your environment. A fire door is an important safety precaution that allows for the safe evacuation of a building in the event of a fire. A fire door is a set of doors with an opening that allows access to and from the interior and exterior of a building. They can protect you in the event of a fire by allowing you to close off the source and preventing smoke from traveling throughout the industry.


  • Door Type: Wooden & Metal Fire Door
  • Door Frame: 100x57mm & 143x57mm
  • Shutter Thickness: 46 mm
  • Fire Rating: 120min
  • Testing Standards: Bs 476 Part 20-22, IS 3614 Part 2
  • Infill Material: Fire Rated Insulation material
  • Tested From: QMC govt Lab / Haryana

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