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Envirotech Fire Doors are well approved and tested from labs. Envirotech can make Fire Doors as per customer requirement and we work in PAN India. Fire doors can be your best bet against the risk of fire. They are made of materials that absorb heat and reduce the transfer of heat without burning. Ensure a safer environment with fire doors. 

A Fire Door is a vital component of any property owner or business that is required to comply with the Fire Code. The design and construction of fire doors help to protect the occupants and surroundings from potential fire, smoke, and heat. 

Our Fire Doors are designed to stop the spread of smoke and fire, which means that you can feel safe and worry-free in your environment. With our highly durable glassware and steel frames, we’ve got you covered from every angle. Fire doors are an integral part of any industry. They can protect you in the event of a fire by allowing you to close off the source and preventing smoke from traveling throughout the industry.

These doors come in diverse types, such as Fire Rated Doors, fire resistant doors, Metal Fire Doors, fire rated wooden doors, and fire rated steel doors. Among the popular options are fire resistant glass doors, providing both aesthetics and safety through visibility while offering fire protection. In emergency scenarios, fire exit doors and emergency exit doors, including emergency fire exit doors, are designed for swift and secure egress, often equipped with panic hardware for easy opening. Specialized alternatives like lockable fire doors, fire shaft doors, and fire check doors address specific needs.

The durability of metal fire doors and fire rated steel doors ensures robustness and longevity, while wooden fire doors and fire-retardant doors offer a balance of safety and style suitable for various interiors. Fire proof doors and fire safety doors ensure compliance with regulations and provide peace of mind. In terms of functionality, emergency exit doors and fire exit doors are crucial for safe evacuation, while Fire Door checks guarantee proper functionality. Fire door ratings, specifying the time a door can withstand fire 120 minutes are critical for determining their suitable use within a building.

Fire door prices vary based on factors like material, features, size, and customization. The cost reflects the door’s quality, durability, and fire rating, representing an investment in safety and compliance. When selecting the right fire door, factors such as location, usage, compliance requirements, and aesthetics play a role. For instance, emergency fire exit doors may be crucial for high-occupancy buildings, while fire rated glass doors could be suitable for office spaces. Fire Proof Doors and fire check doors must meet local fire safety regulations, and the aesthetic fit is essential, particularly for wooden fire doors or fire-retardant doors.

F.A.Q. | Fire Doors

  • Fire Doors are used to enhance fire safety measures within buildings. These specialized doors are designed to resist the spread of fire and smoke, helping to protect people and property. Fire doors are installed in various parts of a building to compartmentalize spaces. Here are the primary purposes for which fire doors are used.
  • The necessity for 120 minute fire doors, often referred to as fire doors, is contingent upon factors such as building codes, the nature of the building, and specific areas within it. These doors, providing up to 120 minutes of fire resistance, are typically mandated in situations where an elevated level of fire protection is essential. Here are some common scenarios where the installation of 120-minute fire doors is frequently required.
  • Fire doors function through a combination of mechanisms and components that ensure they operate effectively, especially during fire emergencies. These doors are engineered to automatically close and latch, preventing the spread of fire and smoke. Here’s an overview of how fire doors are typically operated.
  • The fundamental distinction between a standard door and a fire door lies in their design, construction, and functionality, particularly concerning fire safety. Here are key differences between the two. Fire doors are purposefully engineered and built to endure fire for a specified duration.
  • Envirotech manufacturers specialize in the production of fire doors, providing a wide range of options to meet various fire safety requirements and building specifications. These manufacturers typically adhere to industry standards and regulations to ensure the effectiveness of their fire doors. Here are some well-known companies and types of manufacturers that produce fire doors.
  • Fire doors are a type of specialized door designed and constructed to resist the spread of fire and smoke within a building. These doors are a crucial component of passive fire protection systems and play a key role in enhancing overall fire safety.
Wooden Fire Door

Envirotech Wooden Fire Door. We are involved in the manufacture and supply of premium quality These wooden fire doors are installed in buildings to segregate their different compartments effectively. wooden fire doors by separating the different parts of a building, these doors delay the spread of fire and smoke. wooden fire door specification Depending on the Wooden fire door upon the fire hazard associated with the building, these Wooden Fire Doors act as barriers to the passage of smoke and fire to varying degrees based on their location.

Metal Fire door

Envirotech Metal Fire Door offers all the benefits of standard Metal Fire Door, but with the additional bonuses of being Made from mild steel, Fire Doors are there to provide you with protection from any potential fire. But not all fire doors are the same. Fire doors made from metal provide much more safety and security than wooden doors. In fact, they can be up to 50% more resistant to heat. And they’re also convenient because they take up less space than a wooden door would, which allows you to get the job done quicker and more efficiently. It’s not a secret that fire is one of the most destructive forces on earth. Our metal fire doors can provide you with the security you need to keep your family and home safe from the threat of flames, heat, and smoke.

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